Woodsy Wanderings…

Today was such a beautiful day outside that I decided to go on a walk and postpone my studying till later.  I took my camera with me, to take pictures of whatever interesting things I might happen to see.

By the way, one of these days I really do want to get around to posting some pictures from vacation…

But anyway…

My first discovery was an assassin bug who was busy enjoying a late lunch:

Poor caterpillar…  Oh, well.

Playing with focus:

All the little duckies…

Persimmon…  I used to eat those things…  They’re fun to take a bite of just before they get ripe.  Hehe…try it sometime.

Leaves are turning colors!

Oh, poor thing…all by its brown lonesome…

I see you!

Leaves and more leaves…

Focused and unfocused:

Hay stored and ready for winter.

All cows seem to have this blank stare in common…  “Uhhhhh….yaaaahhhhh…I’m eatin’.  Whaddya want?”

“Oh, yeah, let’s do that…  She’s just a dumb cow…she’ll never hear us coming…  Just pretend like you’re eating…”

Flowers in late October (yeah, it was in the 70s today…)….

So pretty!  Might not want to get too close though…

I assume these are the wolves of the insect world…

You’re eating your own kind!!!!!


Ok, I thought this was a cow killer…but now I’m not sure.  Anybody know?

I almost stepped on this thing before I saw it.  Stupid bug.

So that’s what happened to Dad’s old sunglasses…

These berries are just so pretty!  Can’t seem to stop taking pictures of them.

Ooooooo!  The remains of a miniature homestead!

More berries:

Don’t ya hate it when someone puts a sign…just…right there???

Anyway…behind the sign…

Uhhh…excuse me for disturbing you…

This weather has somewhat confused our cucumber and squash plants.  New ones decided to come up.

I don’t know what kind of butterfly this is, but it looks cool.  Actually, it almost looks like a cross between a moth and a butterfly…

I came upon a very happy family of frogs.

‘Twas a nice walk.

The End.


  1. Blake wrote:

    Not sure what the parasitoids attacking the grasshopper are, I’ve seen them before though.

    The spider is a jumping spider, or at least that’s what I’ve heard it called, no clue if there is another name. Red Jumping Spider maybe?

    The Butterfly, I have no clue. It holds its wings like, I think the fiery skipper butterfly? But I think the other butterfly is yellow or something, not black. I don’t know.

  2. Angela wrote:

    I really liked your leaf pictures, and of course, the horse picture.

  3. Katherine wrote:

    Angela: The horse picture…of course. :)

    Blake: Oh, ok, I searched for jumping spider and apparently he is a red black jumping spider.

    Hmmm…the butterfly does hold his wings like a skipper butterfly…ok…but he’s not the fiery one. Dunno. Maybe a silver-spotted skipper butterfly? He was actually more of a dark brown.

    Those other insects are just…weird looking.