Once upon a time, in a far-away land, there lived a girl named Katherine.

Here is Katherine with her best friend Susie the Doll.  (Katherine is the one on the right side of the picture.)

Sadly, one day Susie got taken to Salvation Army (or maybe it was Goodwill) and poor Katherine lost her best friend.  So, to console herself, Katherine went for a walk in the woods.  She discovered a gravel path:

So Katherine, naturally, decided to take a stroll down the path.  But lo and behold the path ended and she found some interesting berries.

Hmmm…well…so she was a little bit hungry…  Katherine looked around to make sure no one was watching, and then ate some of the berries.  She immediately began to feel slightly ill.

She collapsed to the ground, fell into a deep sleep, and began to dream.  In her dream, she saw a large pile of dead, brown leaves.

Then she realized that, in her dream, she was lying under a dead tree.  So, she sat up, crawled out from under the tree, and began to look around.

The woods surrounding her were dark and creepy.

Nearby, Katherine saw the ruins of an ancient civilization.  She walked over to investigate.

Wondering what had happened to the unfortunate residents of such a place, she walked around the pile of rocks to get a better look.  Feeling uneasy, she looked down at the ground and jumped back, startled.  It was a deadly four-legged granddaddy longleg.

Katherine backed away slowly, realizing what had happened to the people who had once dwelt in that place.  4-legged granddaddy longlegs were said to be the most dangerous creatures in the world.  The evidence was everywhere:

And for those few persons who had been fortunate enough to receive a decent burial, moss was growing up on their graves.

Suddenly, she heard a noise behind her.  Feeling apprehensive, she looked over her shoulder.  It was a man-eating squirrel.  Four-legged granddaddy longlegs would form armies of such squirrels by injecting them with poison in order to make them vicious.  Katherine screamed and ran as the creature began to chase her.

Panting and terrified, she ran and ran.  Finally, she burst out of the dark woods; the squirrel did not follow.  Relieved, she didn’t watch where she was going, and almost hung herself on a spider web.

After sliding to a stop, she looked around and was startled to see a road there…with a strange-looking sign.

There were some very small tire tracks running alongside the road.

She studied the nearby woods warily…and spotted a strange guy on a bike.  He was very strange indeed…  He didn’t follow the signs:

And he seemed to be lost.  He just kept going in circles in the middle of the road.

Without stopping to talk to her, he finally quit going in circles, and, with a slightly dazed look on his face, continued on his way.  She shrugged and started walking.

Suddenly, a giant housefly appeared out of nowhere and attacked her.

Then everything began to fade…  And she woke up.  Feeling slightly dizzy, Katherine sat up and looked around.  “Wow.”

Moral:  Don’ t eat wild berries unless you’re SURE they’re edible.


  1. Nathan wrote:

    Your predictably random! :-)