Dragonfly on a rock

Waiting for the mail lady – Spider #2

Bridge Mud Birds

While boating with some of my family members, I observed these birds all over the sides and bottoms of some nearby bridges. Look closely and you can see all their little heads poking out of the nests.

My New Pet – Spider #1

Introducing: Spider. When Roger started his “red chair” photography some months back, I gradually became interested in getting a fun prop of my own.  Click here to see one of his many shots. I’ve wanted a pet tarantula for some time…so I decided that this little guy would be the perfect photo prop to accompany […]


Ever noticed how hard it is to take pictures of a rainbow? And here are some of the clouds that came with it:

Amazing Sunset

Afternoon Trip to Mt. Nebo

One afternoon late in this past semester, my roommate and I decided to drive up Mt. Nebo, do a little hiking, and take some pictures.  The day was perfect for doing so (aside from all the annoying bugs).  Everything was so green! The side of the mountain: Little purple flowers: Old stump: Panorama (click to […]

Playing in the Creek on Campus

One bored snapping turtle… …and one angry snapping turtle. Close-up of angry snapping turtle: Wow, those are some scary eyes. My roommate holds an unhappy crawdad: “Don’t put me next to the snapper, pleeeeeaaaasse!!!” Thanks to my friend Blake for catching all these critters and letting me take pictures…he managed to catch a large bullfrog […]