Rainy Day in the Dorm

Snow Days :-)

Snow falling outside our dorm room window: Falling snow with a brick wall for a background: Snowy campus at night: My dorm in the snow at night: The next day: Our dorm looked kind of like a gingerbread house. Snowy tree branches: Bike buried in the snow: Snow-coated buildings: To be honest, I don’t know […]

Fun Clouds

Livin’ On the Edge

My brother being his typical self.


I took both of these through the window of our vehicle as my brother and I were on the way back from hiking at Devil’s Den one time.

School Days

For those of you who may be interested, I’ve decided to do a post of a few completely random pictures of people from this semester.  Here is my spring 2010 semester in a nutshell: Hiking trip to Devil’s Den over Christmas break: The sky made a great background for taking pictures: Some of my friends […]

Close-ups of Little Flowers

Visit to Prairie Grove-March 23, 2010

One day during our stay at Devil’s Den, a group of us decided to drive to the Civil War battlefield at Prairie Grove. Brief history lesson:  The Battle of Prairie Grove was fought on December 7, 1862.  It was one of the few major battles fought in Arkansas during the Civil War.  The battle was […]

Devil’s Den (post #4)

On Friday, some of us decided to take a slightly unconventional Devil’s Den hiking expedition.  Having hiked most of the regular trails in the park, we decided to do something different and hike to Quail Valley.  During one of my family’s visits to Devil’s Den several years ago, a group of us hiked the 15-mile […]

Devil’s Den (post #3)

The afternoon after our visit to the dam and Devil’s Den hiking trail, I went to the tent and crashed my grumpy, tired self for awhile.  My mood thus improved, Johnnie and I took off to go do some exploring in the woods along Lee Creek, near our campsite.  We walked a good distance down […]