Ramblings of a College Student…

Since I arrived at Tech 2 1/2 years ago, I have made various interesting observations.  Here are some of my random and ridiculous thoughts…  Never chain your bike to something that is mobile. Why walk on the sidewalk?  Sidewalks are flat and uninteresting. Try walking up and down the halls of your dorm yelling “Aflac!  Aflac!”  and see […]

Playing on the Pond

So, down here in the balmy South, my family doesn’t get to see truly cold weather very often.  Temperatures usually hover in the 30s, 40s, or maybe 20s (if we get lucky) for most of the winter.  However, these past few days, we’ve had some unusual cold down here…nothing like Alaska, but it’s been fun.  The […]


Bucktown USA

When my family travels down to visit my mom’s parents and her family over Christmas, I don’t usually venture too far outside the house because of hunting season.  (I don’t hunt yet.)  Her family lives way out in the middle of nowhere, (Buckville), where there are lots of hunters, and so even walking down to […]

Hillbilly Biker

Amusing Signs

Here are a couple of signs that I took pictures of during our day trip in northwest Arkansas. After seeing this one, I was disappointed that we never found any kangaroos. Sure, hmmm…sounds like a great combination.

Lonely Birdhouse

Birdhouse in the Ozark Mountains: A rather windy place to live, if you ask me.

Adventures in Arkansas Part 7 Elk

We drove back out to the highway and headed for home.  A few miles down the road, however, we spotted some elk and pulled over to take pictures.  This event pretty much completed the day for me.  We were all thrilled to see them. Here is the king of the herd: Embarrassed?  You should be. This […]

Adventures in Arkansas Part 6 Lost Valley State Park

Our last major stop for the day was Lost Valley State Park.  Having never been there before, we had no idea what to expect.  We set off down the trail toward the alleged Eden Falls and Eden Falls Cave that the trail sign had pointed out to us. As it turned out, I was pleasantly surprised by […]

Adventures in Arkansas Part 5 Wild Turkeys

One desire of the day was that we wanted to see some elk.  Dad and Josh had seen some in that area a couple years before, but on this particular day when we were all looking for them, they didn’t seem to exist.  On one stretch down a difficult part of the road, Dad remarked, “There are probably […]