Adventures in Arkansas Part 3 Parker-Hickman Farm

After leaving Pedestal Rock, we stopped briefly at a small store in a tiny town to get something to eat, then took off again.  This time we were headed to the most exciting part of our day, (in my opinion), which was a dirt road off the highway that would lead us across the Buffalo River, […]

Ice Close-Ups On the Pedestal Rock Trail

Part of an icicle: Ice on the ground, with moss: This one was beneath a group of icicles which were hanging off a cliff.  I think it looks somewhat like an impaled woodpecker? Icicles on a bluff: On the ground beneath some dripping icicles: A plant covered with ice.  This was also beneath a group of melting […]

Adventures in Arkansas Part 2 Pedestal Rock

Our second destination was Pedestal Rock State Park.  There are multiple pedestal rocks, as we were to find out. We arrived at the park, (which amounted to one very disgusting bathroom and a few gravel parking spots), and started down the trail.  Like I mentioned before, the day was rather chilly.  I had a hard […]

Adventures in Arkansas Part 1 Overlook

On the Saturday after Christmas, my dad, brother, uncle, cousin, and I piled into my dad’s truck and headed for northwest AR in search of adventures.   The day turned out to be much more amazing and fun than any of us had ever expected. Our first stop was probably the least exciting, however.  While driving […]

Pinnacle Mountain State Park

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Pinnacle Mt. State Park with five of my friends from school.  I had never been to Pinnacle, so I was rather excited about the trip (and, of course, anything that involves hiking is bound to be fun.)  We left Russellville around 2:00 or so and headed to Little […]

The Return of the Katherine

Hello to all my faithful readers!  I have finally returned to the world of blogging, at least for a couple of weeks.  I’m sure you are all very excited and are eagerly awaiting my first post.  Well, here it is.  Enjoy.  (That is, until I finish sorting my pictures enough to post something else.)