Beautiful Sunset

A couple of weeks ago I went to a good friend’s house and got to hang out with her and another good friend for a couple of days.  One evening there was an absolutely gorgeous sunset and we went out to take pictures of it.  The colors were beautiful, mist was hanging between the trees […]

Trip Home

Despite all the fun I had on my travels, I was truly looking forward to getting home. Most of the pictures I took on the way home aren’t worth putting on here, but I will post a few… That last one is my favorite.   It’s good to be home.  (Except for the fact that […]


For various reasons, I only have one post on my stay in Indiana.  My original reason in going there was to help my cousin with a conference she had put together at her church.  It was for teenage girls and focused on teaching them about various aspects of the Christian walk.  The conference went very […]

Modern Art in Indianapolis

After we finished with the zoo, we still had some time to kill before my other relatives showed up.  We walked out over a long bridge (on the left) toward the city of Indianapolis. All the way down the center of this bridge were works of modern art, each with its own little sign explaining in […]

Indianapolis Zoo

After my visit in IL, the plan had originally been for me to ride back to AR with Josh and my grandparents, then head to Indiana the very next day…however…confusion…I won’t explain it all.  I’ll just say that two weeks after my arrival in IL, my uncle and cousin took me to Indianapolis, where my […]

Sunset in Illinois

One evening during my stay, my uncle and I went out to the Prairie (nearby forest preserve) to take pictures of the sunset.  Here are my shots: My shot of the moon was disappointingly grainy…oh, well.  Click panoramas to enlarge. Facing away from the sunset: Facing toward the sunset:

Guns and Gravestones

Ok, so I just had a few simple pictures for this post and the title accurately fits them, but it sounds kind of…morbid. On Wednesday evening my cousin was really wanting my brother and I to come with her to Cruise Night, a car show in Cary.  So she, my uncle, my brother, and I walked […]

Fences and Marshmallows

A project that my brother helped my uncle with while we were in IL was the building of a new fence around my relatives’ backyard.  Their old one was precariously balancing in place, so it was about time for a replacement (of which my uncle is still trying to accomplish…thanks to a certain store not carrying a certain […]

A Day in Wisconsin Part #5

We drove south to Kenosha while munching on raspberry kringle.  In Kenosha were two lighthouses we wished to take pictures of:  the Southport Lighthouse and the North Pier Light.  We found a parking place near the beach and then walked a short distance to the Southport Lighthouse. This lighthouse was my favorite from the day.  […]

A Day in Wisconsin Part #4

While still in Racine,  another “first” was added to the week.  Josh and I had never eaten kringle, so my uncle took us to get some.  For those of you who don’t know, kringle is a type of Danish pastry.  After some searching, we “refound” a bakery that we had spotted earlier and stopped there. My uncle and cousin […]