Trip to Chicago Part #3

By the time our visit to Oz Park was finished, we were all feeling hungry.  Our planned supper destination was the Chicago Pizza Company.  I had never eaten there before; the food was very good.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.    Each of us ordered the classic, pizza pot pie.  The building was very dimly lit, so I […]

Spelling in Illinois

Trip to Chicago Part #2

We finished our exploration of Lincoln Park about mid-afternoon.  Our next planned activity was to walk to nearby Oz Park.  Yes, it is a park with a “Wizard of Oz” theme.   Oz Park contains a playground, a walk-through garden of flower beds, and statues of the Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, Dorothy and Toto, and the Tin […]

Should I Feel Guilty?

Some unknown salesman gave Mom, my sister, and me a good laugh this afternoon…at his expense.  One of those telltale white trucks (probably some young guy trying to sell us “leftover” meat), pulled up in our driveway.  Of course our fiesty dog started barking.  Just so ya’ll know, our dog doesn’t bite, but he has a […]

Wednesday-trip to Chicago Part #1

To get through that day is going to take several posts… On the first Wednesday Josh and I were in IL, (July 1st), the plan was to take the train to Chicago and spend the day there.   We caught either the 9:00 or 9:30 train (by this point my brain is too fried to remember […]


Last Tuesday I arrived home after almost a month of travels.  I am still catching up on much lost sleep and have lots to do before school starts, but I can genuinely say that I had a wonderful time visiting with my relatives, helping my cousin with her conference, and finding lots of fun photo […]

Random Fun

On Tuesday the 30th, my uncle and aunt were working all day and so my cousin, my brother, and I had no plans for the day.  So…  We just hung around the house and watched a movie for the first part of the day.  Then we took a walk to a nearby ice cream shop, of which, […]

Glacial Park

After lunch, we headed to a forest preserve called Glacial Park.  It quickly became my favorite part of the day; the scenery was beautiful! I especially enjoyed the wildflowers… My brother also enjoyed the flowers. My favorite spot was a large hill with a beautiful view of a valley. My brother near the top of […]

My first Dog ‘n Suds

For lunch on Monday, we went to Dog ‘n Suds.  I have heard my uncle speak of and blog about this place many times in his quest to eat at all the Dog ‘n Suds remaining in the U.S.  I ordered a classic:  corn dog and root beer.  Both were good, but I especially enjoyed the […]

First time mini golfing

As we tried to make plans for our day on Monday, mini golf was one of the considerations.  Once my uncle and cousin discovered that I had never been mini golfing, the plans to do so quickly became definite.  Here is me making my first putt…hit…whatever you call it.  I made a hole-in-one.  After that, I found […]