Saturday Afternoon-Painted Horses

After our enjoyable morning at the cardbord cup regatta, the four of us (brother, cousin, uncle and I) headed back to the house for a quick lunch.  Then we set off again for the afternoon.  We drove to the nearby town of Barrington to take pictures of a bunch of painted horses.  Yes, we really […]

Cardboard Cup Regatta

Saturday morning my brother, uncle, cousin and I headed off in search of a new adventure.  We had decided on going to the cardboard cup regatta, which is a cardboard boat race held at Crystal Lake.  Some of the boats were rather interesting and I enjoyed myself.  I’m not sure that I would go again, but […]

New Adventures…?

This summer my brother Josh and I were invited to spend two weeks with relatives near Chicago.  We hitched our ride with my grandparents, who were headed up to Wisconsin for a couple weeks.  Our adventure started last Friday.  We left my grandparents house at 6:00 am and started the all-day drive to northern Illinois. […]


I actually took these pictures several months back…and just now got around to sorting them.                                                                              These were […]


                        At least I think it’s a centipede…it might be a millipede…

Baby Bird

                        Wow, check out that hairdo…

Another Purple Weed

                        (As my brother would say.)

Barbed Wire Fence

                              This second picture is a close-up version of the first…I didn’t even notice the colorful bird sitting on the fence til I looked at the picture on my computer later.                       […]

Mystery Solved…

Recently my family has been plagued by some mystery animal which has been eating the eggs in our chicken house.  So, we are currently without eggs.  Yesterday I suddenly had a strange feeling that the “mystery animal” was in the chicken house at that very moment, so I went out to see.  I poked my […]


                        I can’t believe I’m actually posting a picture of a cat on here…I’m deathly allergic to these animals…