To Return in a Week…

Starting early tomorrow, my brother and I are going to be out of state for a week.  Have a good life, (despite the fact that I’m gone), and I shall return next Monday.  Farewell!

Bike Riding

Those of you who know my brother Josh probably also know that he is very much into biking.  He has been pressuring me for some time to start joining him in his biking adventures on the very hilly roads near our home.  I decided that I would enjoy getting back into some biking, so he took me […]

Random Photo Spots Around My Neighborhood…

More Wildflowers

I used the super-macro camera setting on this one; these flowers are actually very tiny… More little flowers: These next ones are somewhat bigger…maybe 1 1/2 inches across

Random Fact of Life #3 -How to get a good sunburn

Step 1:  Choose a hot, sunny day. Step 2:  Wear shorts and a sleeveless shirt. Step 3:  Do not put on any sunscreen. Step 4:  Fix a bucket of warm, soapy water. Step 5:  Go outside and select a vehicle.  (Preferably the largest one around; or you can pick two vehicles.) Step 6:  Scrub down the […]


Woodland Phlox

Unknown Wildflower

Ok, I give up on this one.  My brother (Josh) claims it’s a “purple weed.”

Japanese Honeysuckle

Hairy Vetch