A Texan’s Map of the U.S.

On my first day of Geography of U.S. and Canada class, my teacher was showing us some random maps.  I thought this one was particularly entertaining. (Click to enlarge)

What happened to me Friday afteroon…

Last Friday, I was hanging out at a friend’s house.  While sitting in a chair taking happy pictures of our socks, we discussed what we should do that afternoon. At length we decided that we would go on a long picture-taking adventure.  So, we happily grabbed our cameras and set out on what would turn […]

Game of Clue

Dad is right. Uncle Roger hasn’t changed much.

Flying, Skydiving, whatever…

Today I was running back through some old pictures and I came across a group of photos of Josh that I took several years ago.  None of these have been altered in any way.

My three-year-old brother is a little confused about meats.

The other day, we were eating deer meat (from my brother’s prize deer ) for supper.  My dad was frying it and my youngest brother asked, “Is Daddy fixing more John Deere?” Today at lunch, this same little brother kept referring to balony as “pony.”