Moon Photos

Different setting…

Leaf: “Well, if I was going to fall…”

Oh, well.  This leaf had a nice view…for a while anyway.


About a week or so ago, we got some sleet and freezing rain in our part of the world.  Ice all over everything is kind of pretty, but it’s very slippery.  So, if you go out to take pictures of it, be forewarned. I kind of cheated with these first two; I took them through […]

Fun With Christmas Lights

One cold December evening, (doesn’t that sound like a wonderfully classic beginning for a children’s Christmas book?), I happened to glance outside through our fogged-up glass door.  The Christmas lights that my brother had placed all over our house had a sort of different look to them through the foggy door, so I got my camera out and […]

Playing With The Campfire

Using a different camera setting to make blue fire… Black and white: While I was enjoying this picture-taking episode of our campfire, I suddenly felt that something (or someone) was watching me.  I turned quickly and snapped this picture. Is that creepy, or what?

Cedar Falls Trail/Canyon Trail

For the last long hike of the week, two of my uncles, my dad, brother, cousin, and I decided to go on the Cedar Falls Trail and the Canyon Trail.  We hiked from Mather Lodge down to Cedar Falls, then walked back to where the Canyon Trail branches off the Cedar Falls Trail.  We followed the […]

My Favorite Petit Jean Overlook

This overlook is right next to the main highway on Petit Jean.  It’s probably my favorite spot on the whole mountain to take pictures.  The view is absolutely beautiful! Here is a small portion of the view: My uncle, cousin, brother, and sister enjoying it. Another picture of them; I don’t know who my brother […]

Cedar Falls Overlook

On going to this overlook, I thought to myself that I already have 100 good pictures of the falls.  So, like the Cedar Creek Trail hike, I tried to find something different to take a picture of.  My two most entertaining shots:

Camping over Thanksgiving- The Cedar Creek Trail

I have a lot of blogging to do if I’m going to catch up. Over Thanksgiving break, I went camping to Petit Jean with my family.  While there, I actually didn’t get my camera out as often as I normally do.  I’ve been to Petit Jean so many times that I kind of felt as […]

To come (after finals week): Pictures of camping over Thanksgiving.

Just be patient.  I know.  It’s hard.