I wanted to try some swimming…

I was thinking that this semester I would like to swim some at the nice, big, indoor pool at my college.  However, while looking at the pool hours on the college’s website, I noticed that the description of the pool is rather disturbing.  Maybe I don’t want to do this after all… Natatorium The Natatorium contains […]

I am going to enjoy today to the fullest.

Tomorrow school starts back.  Yea.  (That was a very enthusiastic “yea.”  Really.)  So, my posts will probably be pretty scarce until Christmas break.  I’m going to be very busy this semester.  However, one of my classes is a photography class, so if we use digital cameras(I’m still not sure yet if we are using those or film cameras […]

Guess what we had to buy last week…

I was sitting in my room when I heard a pop and then a shattering sound in the kitchen.  What I discovered upon arrival in the kitchen:

Daniel’s Morning Quotes- #1

“If you were to take a water gun and shoot at an amoeba, it would not die.  It would just split in two.”

Baby Praying Mantis

Isn’t that the ugliest van you’ve ever seen?

Ever had a feeling that someone was behind you taking your picture?

Considering the gas prices, this might not be the best place to park your barbeque business…

Wow, they even put it on sale…

(Thank you to my brother Josh for seeing this and taking these pictures while at the grocery store the other night. :-))

Yea, I’m Back!

Thanks to the family expert! As I was saying in my previous post, we had some cousins over for a visit last week.  One day my sister took them out to ride on a pony that she is taking care of for someone this summer.  They really enjoyed it!  I took some very cute pictures.