I Had Better Be Getting Well Paid For This One…

My brother Josh is one of those type of guys that our neighbors always hire to take care of their animals when they have to be gone for a few days.  It just happens that this week, two of our neighbos wanted Josh to take care of their stuff for a while.  Josh is gone […]

Great, Just Great…

Around 9:15-9:30 on Monday morning, I was out on a walk and I noticed some eggs smashed on the ground in front of a couple of our neighbors’ houses.  Some time after lunch on Monday, Josh discovered a motor scooter in a nearby pond.  The scooter belonged to the 11-year-old son of one of those […]

More Boating Stuff

My family went boating the other day and I got to see how Josh has learned to do just one ski.  Go Josh! Here’s Mom skiing too: Also, I finally (after years of trying and utterly failing) got up on two skiis and stayed.  Yea for me. (in a slightly sarcastic tone of voice) And […]


Does anyone have any idea what this flower is?  I can’t figure it out!!!!


Recently, some of my family members and I went to a friend’s house to swim.  Once there, I discovered that Josh has suddenly developed an extreme aversion to water.  No matter how many times I pushed him in, he continued to desperately try not to touch the water.

Cicada Killer, With Prey

Please pardon the blurriness; the killer was buzzing around rather quickly.

Recent Boating Trip

Pulling Out Last Year’s Pictures…

As I was thinking of something new to post, I went through a few old pictures of mine from last summer.  Just thought I’d put a few on here…  Note:  Some of these are not from my newer camera, and may not look as good in quality.

Interesting Flowers

More Random Bugs

Wow, check out those antennae…