Baby Birds

And, no, I don’t know what kind of bird they are.  I’m not a bird expert like some people…

Happy Birthday, Little Brother!

Here’s the birthday cake I made for him:


Yesterday evening, Josh and I decided to go blackberry picking.  We knew of some huge blackberry vines growing on a fence next to the highway near our house.  So, we walked down there with our buckets.  Josh climbed over the fence to pick on the other side, and I stood on the side facing the […]


A rose. Experimenting with lighting…   Altered lighting with black and white applied…   Just experimenting.

Country Scenery

A little over a month ago, I spent a weekend at a friend’s house and one day we decided to go driving around looking for interesting things to take pictures of.  We particularly enjoyed taking pictures of a red barn with a field of yellow flowers in front.   Here’s another view of the flowers:   […]

Recipe #2- Hearty New England Dinner

Once again, I was assigned to cook supper.  Mom picked the recipe this time, one we’ve made before(but I don’t remember), Hearty New England Dinner.   Here it is after I put the meat, vegetables, and other assorted ingredients in the crock pot…   And the finished product:  meat, vegetables, and delicious sauce.    Here are […]

What I’m Thinking of Right Now…

Yum…though personally I prefer the banana flavor best…

Recipe #1- Cheesy Chicken Roll-ups

My mom gave me the task of making supper tonight; I decided to try a new recipe, Cheesy Chicken Roll-ups.   And when it comes to tortillas, organic whole wheat ones are the way to go…   Here is the final result: (Sorry, it’s kinda blurry; I didn’t turn the flash on.)  Everyone in my […]

Birthday Fun

My brother Josh recently had a birthday, so he had a friend over for a couple of days last weekend.  I think they had a little too much fun.  Friday evening they enjoyed an active game of basketball.  I discovered that the most exciting way to take pictures of their games was to follow them closely as they […]

Short Walk

Last Friday evening, a storm blew through while we were eating supper.  I love to go on walks just before or after storms, so naturally I went on a short walk after supper.  Here’s a view from the road I was walking on:On the road itself I found this leaf: