Mt. Nebo

Today my family decided to take a short trip up to Mt. Nebo to eat lunch and relax. We stopped briefly at Sunrise Point to enjoy the scenery: Then we drove to Sunset Point to eat.  Here my little brother examines a rock…or a nut…or something. Nuclear power plant.  (For some reason, I thought it […]

Livin’ On the Edge

My brother being his typical self.

Bike Riding

Those of you who know my brother Josh probably also know that he is very much into biking.  He has been pressuring me for some time to start joining him in his biking adventures on the very hilly roads near our home.  I decided that I would enjoy getting back into some biking, so he took me […]

Flying, Skydiving, whatever…

Today I was running back through some old pictures and I came across a group of photos of Josh that I took several years ago.  None of these have been altered in any way.

Cedar Falls Trail/Canyon Trail

For the last long hike of the week, two of my uncles, my dad, brother, cousin, and I decided to go on the Cedar Falls Trail and the Canyon Trail.  We hiked from Mather Lodge down to Cedar Falls, then walked back to where the Canyon Trail branches off the Cedar Falls Trail.  We followed the […]

My Favorite Petit Jean Overlook

This overlook is right next to the main highway on Petit Jean.  It’s probably my favorite spot on the whole mountain to take pictures.  The view is absolutely beautiful! Here is a small portion of the view: My uncle, cousin, brother, and sister enjoying it. Another picture of them; I don’t know who my brother […]

Yea, I’m Back!

Thanks to the family expert! As I was saying in my previous post, we had some cousins over for a visit last week.  One day my sister took them out to ride on a pony that she is taking care of for someone this summer.  They really enjoyed it!  I took some very cute pictures.

Pulling Out Last Year’s Pictures…

As I was thinking of something new to post, I went through a few old pictures of mine from last summer.  Just thought I’d put a few on here…  Note:  Some of these are not from my newer camera, and may not look as good in quality.