Blog Changes

Sooo… I’ve been thinking to myself that I would like to change the character of my blog just a bit.  In addition to sharing pictures and describing events, I would like to start posting more about Scripture and the study of God’s Word.  This would include those things which jump out at me personally in […]

Author Plans to Return to Blog

No, really.  I mean it this time.

I Have Returned

New posts coming soon…

Hillbilly Biker

The Return of the Katherine

Hello to all my faithful readers!  I have finally returned to the world of blogging, at least for a couple of weeks.  I’m sure you are all very excited and are eagerly awaiting my first post.  Well, here it is.  Enjoy.  (That is, until I finish sorting my pictures enough to post something else.)


I believe that I am developing Frequent Head Bumping Syndrome.  This condition has probably been brought on by spending two weeks with relatives in IL earlier this summer; my uncle there has already suffered from FHBS for some time (perhaps it is contagious). When I was in high school, I actually did bump my head on things […]

Mystery Solved…

Recently my family has been plagued by some mystery animal which has been eating the eggs in our chicken house.  So, we are currently without eggs.  Yesterday I suddenly had a strange feeling that the “mystery animal” was in the chicken house at that very moment, so I went out to see.  I poked my […]

To Return in a Week…

Starting early tomorrow, my brother and I are going to be out of state for a week.  Have a good life, (despite the fact that I’m gone), and I shall return next Monday.  Farewell!

Random Fact of Life #3 -How to get a good sunburn

Step 1:  Choose a hot, sunny day. Step 2:  Wear shorts and a sleeveless shirt. Step 3:  Do not put on any sunscreen. Step 4:  Fix a bucket of warm, soapy water. Step 5:  Go outside and select a vehicle.  (Preferably the largest one around; or you can pick two vehicles.) Step 6:  Scrub down the […]

Random Fact of Life -#2

Never eat cheese Doritos when your hair is in pigtails.