Guess what today is…

*drumroll* *sings* “Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthdaaaaayyyyyyy, Happy Birthday to me!” And Happy 4th of July too!!!!!   (No, I didn’t take that picture…sorry to disappoint ya’ll on that one.)

More Birthday Fun

My sister recently had a birthday.  This is the birthday cake I made for her:   Aside from the horses and fence, the entire cake was created from scratch.  A fun super macro close-up:   And candles…   I like taking pictures of candles.

Happy Birthday, Little Brother!

Here’s the birthday cake I made for him:

Birthday Fun

My brother Josh recently had a birthday, so he had a friend over for a couple of days last weekend.  I think they had a little too much fun.  Friday evening they enjoyed an active game of basketball.  I discovered that the most exciting way to take pictures of their games was to follow them closely as they […]