Vilonia Tornado

Wow…it’s been so long since I’ve posted on here that I don’t even know where to start! I was going through some of my thousand (literally) pictures trying to figure out what to post, and I came across some photos that I took when my fiance, one of his friends, and I went to Vilonia, […]

Visit to Prairie Grove-March 23, 2010

One day during our stay at Devil’s Den, a group of us decided to drive to the Civil War battlefield at Prairie Grove. Brief history lesson:  The Battle of Prairie Grove was fought on December 7, 1862.  It was one of the few major battles fought in Arkansas during the Civil War.  The battle was […]

Devil’s Den (post #4)

On Friday, some of us decided to take a slightly unconventional Devil’s Den hiking expedition.  Having hiked most of the regular trails in the park, we decided to do something different and hike to Quail Valley.  During one of my family’s visits to Devil’s Den several years ago, a group of us hiked the 15-mile […]

Devil’s Den (post #3)

The afternoon after our visit to the dam and Devil’s Den hiking trail, I went to the tent and crashed my grumpy, tired self for awhile.  My mood thus improved, Johnnie and I took off to go do some exploring in the woods along Lee Creek, near our campsite.  We walked a good distance down […]

Devil’s Den (post #2)

On the morning after our arrival at Devil’s Den, most of us decided to go visit Lee Creek Dam and walk the Devil’s Den Trail. Here is the dam, which was built by the CCC. Nearby, Johnnie and I made a new friend.  His muscles were amazingly toned. Everyone on the Devil’s Den Trail: Notice […]

Spring Break–Devil’s Den State Park

You’re probably all thinking, “Wow, Katherine, spring break was a LONG time ago…”  Well, too bad.  I’m that far behind on my blogging.  Enjoy. For spring break this past semester, my family went to Devil’s Den State Park for a week.  We were joined by some of our relatives, and two friends of our relatives, […]

Bucktown USA

When my family travels down to visit my mom’s parents and her family over Christmas, I don’t usually venture too far outside the house because of hunting season.  (I don’t hunt yet.)  Her family lives way out in the middle of nowhere, (Buckville), where there are lots of hunters, and so even walking down to […]

Amusing Signs

Here are a couple of signs that I took pictures of during our day trip in northwest Arkansas. After seeing this one, I was disappointed that we never found any kangaroos. Sure, hmmm…sounds like a great combination.

Lonely Birdhouse

Birdhouse in the Ozark Mountains: A rather windy place to live, if you ask me.

Adventures in Arkansas Part 7 Elk

We drove back out to the highway and headed for home.  A few miles down the road, however, we spotted some elk and pulled over to take pictures.  This event pretty much completed the day for me.  We were all thrilled to see them. Here is the king of the herd: Embarrassed?  You should be. This […]