Afternoon Trip to Mt. Nebo

One afternoon late in this past semester, my roommate and I decided to drive up Mt. Nebo, do a little hiking, and take some pictures.  The day was perfect for doing so (aside from all the annoying bugs).  Everything was so green! The side of the mountain: Little purple flowers: Old stump: Panorama (click to […]

Playing in the Creek on Campus

One bored snapping turtle… …and one angry snapping turtle. Close-up of angry snapping turtle: Wow, those are some scary eyes. My roommate holds an unhappy crawdad: “Don’t put me next to the snapper, pleeeeeaaaasse!!!” Thanks to my friend Blake for catching all these critters and letting me take pictures…he managed to catch a large bullfrog […]

Snow Days :-)

Snow falling outside our dorm room window: Falling snow with a brick wall for a background: Snowy campus at night: My dorm in the snow at night: The next day: Our dorm looked kind of like a gingerbread house. Snowy tree branches: Bike buried in the snow: Snow-coated buildings: To be honest, I don’t know […]

School Days

For those of you who may be interested, I’ve decided to do a post of a few completely random pictures of people from this semester.  Here is my spring 2010 semester in a nutshell: Hiking trip to Devil’s Den over Christmas break: The sky made a great background for taking pictures: Some of my friends […]

Pinnacle Mountain State Park

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Pinnacle Mt. State Park with five of my friends from school.  I had never been to Pinnacle, so I was rather excited about the trip (and, of course, anything that involves hiking is bound to be fun.)  We left Russellville around 2:00 or so and headed to Little […]

Beautiful Sunset

A couple of weeks ago I went to a good friend’s house and got to hang out with her and another good friend for a couple of days.  One evening there was an absolutely gorgeous sunset and we went out to take pictures of it.  The colors were beautiful, mist was hanging between the trees […]


For various reasons, I only have one post on my stay in Indiana.  My original reason in going there was to help my cousin with a conference she had put together at her church.  It was for teenage girls and focused on teaching them about various aspects of the Christian walk.  The conference went very […]

TeenPact NC 2009

Yea!  Ok, I finally have time to put some pictures on here…and then I’ve got to head back to studying psychology for that CLEP test.  Yuk.  So, I’m going to try to do this fairly quickly…   Where to start…  Well, I guess the trip to Tennessee would be a good place to begin.  Josh and […]

Back Again…

Hello family and friends!  I have finally returned from a distant land.   I’m sure you all missed me terribly while I was gone.  (Come on, admit it. )  Ok, just kidding.  Since I did not explain in my last post where I was going, I’ll tell ya’ll now.  Josh and I were at this year’s […]

Fun Evening

This evening my family hosted an outdoor get-together for the teens in our local homeschool group.  So there were about 25 of my brother Josh’s friends over here tonight.  I went outside and joined them and it was really fun hanging out with a bunch of high school people (and younger).  It seems like forever since […]