Ramblings of a College Student…(part#2)

To read part #1 click here. So…  For those of you who aren’t aware of it, I transferred to Tech’s Ozark campus this summer.  The Ozark campus is much smaller than Tech’s main campus, and has a very different atmosphere.  Most of the students there are non-traditional and thus quite a change from the typical […]

Playing in the Creek on Campus

One bored snapping turtle… …and one angry snapping turtle. Close-up of angry snapping turtle: Wow, those are some scary eyes. My roommate holds an unhappy crawdad: “Don’t put me next to the snapper, pleeeeeaaaasse!!!” Thanks to my friend Blake for catching all these critters and letting me take pictures…he managed to catch a large bullfrog […]

Rainy Day in the Dorm

Snow Days :-)

Snow falling outside our dorm room window: Falling snow with a brick wall for a background: Snowy campus at night: My dorm in the snow at night: The next day: Our dorm looked kind of like a gingerbread house. Snowy tree branches: Bike buried in the snow: Snow-coated buildings: To be honest, I don’t know […]

School Days

For those of you who may be interested, I’ve decided to do a post of a few completely random pictures of people from this semester.  Here is my spring 2010 semester in a nutshell: Hiking trip to Devil’s Den over Christmas break: The sky made a great background for taking pictures: Some of my friends […]

Ramblings of a College Student…

Since I arrived at Tech 2 1/2 years ago, I have made various interesting observations.  Here are some of my random and ridiculous thoughts…  Never chain your bike to something that is mobile. Why walk on the sidewalk?  Sidewalks are flat and uninteresting. Try walking up and down the halls of your dorm yelling “Aflac!  Aflac!”  and see […]

I’m finally home to stay for awhile…

This past week I was once again out of town.  (Now I have been away from home for a total of six weeks this summer…four of those being at one time!)  I had intended for posts to show up on here while I was gone this week, but somehow I messed up on that; oh, well.  I […]

Psychology and Calculus

So, yes, I finished studying for and took the psychology CLEP test.  That’s why I now have time to post again.    I also passed the test; I’m thrilled.  No more psychology ever again.  One weekend of cramming, 1 hour spent taking a test and I now have three more hours of college credit; can’t beat […]

Finals are over…

…and I have 3 months of freedom before classes start again. I’m being optimistic…really… 😉

Finals Week…

Three down. Two to go. *sigh*