Family Vacation

So our family vacation happened back in August, but I’m just now getting around to posting about it…haha.  Life has been very crazy this semester.  But anyway… We decided to go to Gulf Shores for a week.  Thus…we began our journey… Here is Mr. Spider enjoying some music along the way… On the way there, […]

Mt. Nebo

Today my family decided to take a short trip up to Mt. Nebo to eat lunch and relax. We stopped briefly at Sunrise Point to enjoy the scenery: Then we drove to Sunset Point to eat.  Here my little brother examines a rock…or a nut…or something. Nuclear power plant.  (For some reason, I thought it […]

Playing on the Pond

So, down here in the balmy South, my family doesn’t get to see truly cold weather very often.  Temperatures usually hover in the 30s, 40s, or maybe 20s (if we get lucky) for most of the winter.  However, these past few days, we’ve had some unusual cold down here…nothing like Alaska, but it’s been fun.  The […]

Should I Feel Guilty?

Some unknown salesman gave Mom, my sister, and me a good laugh this afternoon…at his expense.  One of those telltale white trucks (probably some young guy trying to sell us “leftover” meat), pulled up in our driveway.  Of course our fiesty dog started barking.  Just so ya’ll know, our dog doesn’t bite, but he has a […]

Short Hike

As I mentioned previously, I have some catching up to do… Several months ago, my brother, my sister, and I went on a short hike in the woods near our house.  The weather that day was not exceptionally conducive to picture taking, but here are a few of my shots anyway…  The first one is […]

Game of Clue

My three-year-old brother is a little confused about meats.

The other day, we were eating deer meat (from my brother’s prize deer ) for supper.  My dad was frying it and my youngest brother asked, “Is Daddy fixing more John Deere?” Today at lunch, this same little brother kept referring to balony as “pony.”

Cedar Falls Trail/Canyon Trail

For the last long hike of the week, two of my uncles, my dad, brother, cousin, and I decided to go on the Cedar Falls Trail and the Canyon Trail.  We hiked from Mather Lodge down to Cedar Falls, then walked back to where the Canyon Trail branches off the Cedar Falls Trail.  We followed the […]

Cedar Falls Overlook

On going to this overlook, I thought to myself that I already have 100 good pictures of the falls.  So, like the Cedar Creek Trail hike, I tried to find something different to take a picture of.  My two most entertaining shots:

Camping over Thanksgiving- The Cedar Creek Trail

I have a lot of blogging to do if I’m going to catch up. Over Thanksgiving break, I went camping to Petit Jean with my family.  While there, I actually didn’t get my camera out as often as I normally do.  I’ve been to Petit Jean so many times that I kind of felt as […]