Just a few random pictures that I took recently while on a visit to my grandparents’ home… Dirt road leading up to the pens where my grandpa keeps his hunting dogs. Old stove…(and no they don’t use it; they use a modern one). Fence down by the barn… Old horseshoe, nails, and a cow skull. […]


About a week or so ago, we got some sleet and freezing rain in our part of the world.  Ice all over everything is kind of pretty, but it’s very slippery.  So, if you go out to take pictures of it, be forewarned. I kind of cheated with these first two; I took them through […]

Fun With Christmas Lights

One cold December evening, (doesn’t that sound like a wonderfully classic beginning for a children’s Christmas book?), I happened to glance outside through our fogged-up glass door.  The Christmas lights that my brother had placed all over our house had a sort of different look to them through the foggy door, so I got my camera out and […]

Pulling Out Last Year’s Pictures…

As I was thinking of something new to post, I went through a few old pictures of mine from last summer.  Just thought I’d put a few on here…  Note:  Some of these are not from my newer camera, and may not look as good in quality.


My family has a tradition of doing a small (sometimes partly large) fireworks display at our house.  Several of our neighbors enjoy doing it too.  So, we usually get a pretty good show near our house.  This year, I grabbed my camera before the fireworks started, determined to get some good shots.  I tried some […]


A rose. Experimenting with lighting…   Altered lighting with black and white applied…   Just experimenting.