Sunset Photos–Experimenting

Woodsy Wanderings…

Today was such a beautiful day outside that I decided to go on a walk and postpone my studying till later.  I took my camera with me, to take pictures of whatever interesting things I might happen to see. By the way, one of these days I really do want to get around to posting […]


Just a few random pictures that I took recently while on a visit to my grandparents’ home… Dirt road leading up to the pens where my grandpa keeps his hunting dogs. Old stove…(and no they don’t use it; they use a modern one). Fence down by the barn… Old horseshoe, nails, and a cow skull. […]

American Beauty Berry

Lake Ouachita is faintly visible in the background.

Old Harness

Mt. Nebo

Today my family decided to take a short trip up to Mt. Nebo to eat lunch and relax. We stopped briefly at Sunrise Point to enjoy the scenery: Then we drove to Sunset Point to eat.  Here my little brother examines a rock…or a nut…or something. Nuclear power plant.  (For some reason, I thought it […]


Ever noticed how hard it is to take pictures of a rainbow? And here are some of the clouds that came with it:

Amazing Sunset

Afternoon Trip to Mt. Nebo

One afternoon late in this past semester, my roommate and I decided to drive up Mt. Nebo, do a little hiking, and take some pictures.  The day was perfect for doing so (aside from all the annoying bugs).  Everything was so green! The side of the mountain: Little purple flowers: Old stump: Panorama (click to […]

Snow Days :-)

Snow falling outside our dorm room window: Falling snow with a brick wall for a background: Snowy campus at night: My dorm in the snow at night: The next day: Our dorm looked kind of like a gingerbread house. Snowy tree branches: Bike buried in the snow: Snow-coated buildings: To be honest, I don’t know […]