Vilonia Tornado

Wow…it’s been so long since I’ve posted on here that I don’t even know where to start!

I was going through some of my thousand (literally) pictures trying to figure out what to post, and I came across some photos that I took when my fiance, one of his friends, and I went to Vilonia, AR a couple of months ago right after a tornado came through that area.  We drove up there to help with tornado cleanup, but unfortunately it rained most of the day, and we were only able to help with inside work as people were not being sent to help out of doors due to flash flooding.

Here are some pictures that I took of the damage.

What is disturbing is that this damage is nothing compared to what went through Joplin, Missouri and Clinton, Mississippi a short time later.


Daniel’s Quotes #3

“Tension is growing in my blood vessels.”

Family Vacation

So our family vacation happened back in August, but I’m just now getting around to posting about it…haha.  Life has been very crazy this semester.  But anyway…

We decided to go to Gulf Shores for a week.  Thus…we began our journey…

Here is Mr. Spider enjoying some music along the way…

On the way there, we stopped by the ship U.S.S. Alabama and nearby airplane museum and gift shop in Mobile, AL.

Before boarding the ship we looked around at some of the airplanes which were on display outdoors.

I’m afraid I know very little about planes and ships.

It’s a…it’s a…  Well, cool!

The battleship.

Sunset Photos–Experimenting

Woodsy Wanderings…

Today was such a beautiful day outside that I decided to go on a walk and postpone my studying till later.  I took my camera with me, to take pictures of whatever interesting things I might happen to see.

By the way, one of these days I really do want to get around to posting some pictures from vacation…

But anyway…

My first discovery was an assassin bug who was busy enjoying a late lunch:

Poor caterpillar…  Oh, well.

Playing with focus:

All the little duckies…

Persimmon…  I used to eat those things…  They’re fun to take a bite of just before they get ripe.  Hehe…try it sometime.

Leaves are turning colors!

Oh, poor thing…all by its brown lonesome…

I see you!

Leaves and more leaves…

Focused and unfocused:

Hay stored and ready for winter.

All cows seem to have this blank stare in common…  “Uhhhhh….yaaaahhhhh…I’m eatin’.  Whaddya want?”

“Oh, yeah, let’s do that…  She’s just a dumb cow…she’ll never hear us coming…  Just pretend like you’re eating…”

Flowers in late October (yeah, it was in the 70s today…)….

So pretty!  Might not want to get too close though…

I assume these are the wolves of the insect world…

You’re eating your own kind!!!!!


Ok, I thought this was a cow killer…but now I’m not sure.  Anybody know?

I almost stepped on this thing before I saw it.  Stupid bug.

So that’s what happened to Dad’s old sunglasses…

These berries are just so pretty!  Can’t seem to stop taking pictures of them.

Ooooooo!  The remains of a miniature homestead!

More berries:

Don’t ya hate it when someone puts a sign…just…right there???

Anyway…behind the sign…

Uhhh…excuse me for disturbing you…

This weather has somewhat confused our cucumber and squash plants.  New ones decided to come up.

I don’t know what kind of butterfly this is, but it looks cool.  Actually, it almost looks like a cross between a moth and a butterfly…

I came upon a very happy family of frogs.

‘Twas a nice walk.

The End.


Once upon a time, in a far-away land, there lived a girl named Katherine.

Here is Katherine with her best friend Susie the Doll.  (Katherine is the one on the right side of the picture.)

Sadly, one day Susie got taken to Salvation Army (or maybe it was Goodwill) and poor Katherine lost her best friend.  So, to console herself, Katherine went for a walk in the woods.  She discovered a gravel path:

So Katherine, naturally, decided to take a stroll down the path.  But lo and behold the path ended and she found some interesting berries.

Hmmm…well…so she was a little bit hungry…  Katherine looked around to make sure no one was watching, and then ate some of the berries.  She immediately began to feel slightly ill.

She collapsed to the ground, fell into a deep sleep, and began to dream.  In her dream, she saw a large pile of dead, brown leaves.

Then she realized that, in her dream, she was lying under a dead tree.  So, she sat up, crawled out from under the tree, and began to look around.

The woods surrounding her were dark and creepy.

Nearby, Katherine saw the ruins of an ancient civilization.  She walked over to investigate.

Wondering what had happened to the unfortunate residents of such a place, she walked around the pile of rocks to get a better look.  Feeling uneasy, she looked down at the ground and jumped back, startled.  It was a deadly four-legged granddaddy longleg.

Katherine backed away slowly, realizing what had happened to the people who had once dwelt in that place.  4-legged granddaddy longlegs were said to be the most dangerous creatures in the world.  The evidence was everywhere:

And for those few persons who had been fortunate enough to receive a decent burial, moss was growing up on their graves.

Suddenly, she heard a noise behind her.  Feeling apprehensive, she looked over her shoulder.  It was a man-eating squirrel.  Four-legged granddaddy longlegs would form armies of such squirrels by injecting them with poison in order to make them vicious.  Katherine screamed and ran as the creature began to chase her.

Panting and terrified, she ran and ran.  Finally, she burst out of the dark woods; the squirrel did not follow.  Relieved, she didn’t watch where she was going, and almost hung herself on a spider web.

After sliding to a stop, she looked around and was startled to see a road there…with a strange-looking sign.

There were some very small tire tracks running alongside the road.

She studied the nearby woods warily…and spotted a strange guy on a bike.  He was very strange indeed…  He didn’t follow the signs:

And he seemed to be lost.  He just kept going in circles in the middle of the road.

Without stopping to talk to her, he finally quit going in circles, and, with a slightly dazed look on his face, continued on his way.  She shrugged and started walking.

Suddenly, a giant housefly appeared out of nowhere and attacked her.

Then everything began to fade…  And she woke up.  Feeling slightly dizzy, Katherine sat up and looked around.  “Wow.”

Moral:  Don’ t eat wild berries unless you’re SURE they’re edible.

Two Random Grasshoppers

Giant Leopard Moth Caterpillar

A few minutes ago (literally) I stepped outside briefly to go get something out of the vehicle.  I was going down the front porch steps when I spotted something small and black and moving.  Of course, this required investigation, so I shone my flashlight on the unidentified moving object.  I was quite pleased with my find.  I’m fairly confident that this is the biggest caterpillar I’ve ever seen.  (The tomato worms I’ve seen don’t count; they’re worms, and plus, they’re not near as pretty.)  I had a lot of fun poking the thing, and he promptly curled up in a tight ball.  So I ran inside to get my camera.

But then he wouldn’t unroll himself…

So…I poked him a bunch more times and he (ok, so I honestly don’t know if it’s a he or a she) finally started crawling again.  Here he is on the rug.

I don’t know why…but he just made me feel happy; he was so pretty and fuzzy. 😀

Update:  did a little research on this guy, and he will someday become a Giant Leopard Moth.  Maybe I’ll see him flying around in awhile.


Just a few random pictures that I took recently while on a visit to my grandparents’ home…

Dirt road leading up to the pens where my grandpa keeps his hunting dogs.

Old stove…(and no they don’t use it; they use a modern one).

Fence down by the barn…

Old horseshoe, nails, and a cow skull.

The swings us grandkids used to play on ALL the time.

My very favorite place to go swimming…Lake Ouachita.

Driving the backroads.


One of my grandpa’s mountain cur dogs:

And one of my grandma’s flowers from her many flower beds.

Ya just can’t beat country life. 😉  (In my personal opinion.)

American Beauty Berry

Lake Ouachita is faintly visible in the background.